Saturday, January 26, 2008

Falling Doors on the Past

You can drive past a place a million times and never see anything picture-worthy. And then one day, the sun is setting just so, the leaves on the trees are just so, and you stop. Even in landscape photography, you have to stop and get the picture right then, because even tomorrow at the exact same time, you can't count on the sun setting just the same way, or on there being the same kinds of clouds in the sky to give the sunset that particular tinge. It will never look exactly the same way again.

This picture is one of the outbuildings left in an old homestead that I pass every day to and from work. For years I had said I wanted to get a picture of the whole spread, and then when VDOT expanded the road into 4 lanes, they tore down the farmhouse, leaving just the outbuildings. It's not really picturesque anymore, but today the sun was hitting this shed just right to highlight the ground in front of it, and the sun was in just the right position in the sky to afford a view of the meadow and woods behind it.

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