Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Saw Red

Trekked to Raleigh and tried a new restaurant. The bathroom, the artwork, the name... all pretty cool. The food... not so much. It was the Twisted Fork at Triangle Town Centre and the restroom was seriously cool (see pic!) They had a weird citrus-sy sauce for their seared tuna (I've been trying every restaurant's seared tuna lately. So far, Outback is winning!) and their asian cole slaw was a little heavy on the peanut oil. Plus the booths were funky. Probably won't go back.

And then there's the Scrapster, who showed up on the porch yesterday morning sopping wet. I thought cats were smart enough to get out of the rain. He's highly photogenic if you do it while he's awaiting food. Otherwise, eh, he can take it or leave it. He usually leaves it! As my friend Becky pointed out, he doesn't hang around much because he knows he'll get his balls cut off! ha! So maybe he's smarter than he looks!

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Anonymous said...

He's a cute little guy