Sunday, February 17, 2008


I took a trip to Floyd, Virginia ( It's a few miles off the Parkway in the mountains. There is a thriving arts & crafts, and music community there. Local art, pottery, jewelry are featured in almost every store. There are coffee shops, art galleries, book stores. It's quite impressive for a small, mountain, hilltop town. It's location on the Crooked Road Music Trail doesn't hurt.

The Floyd Country Store features a weekly Friday Night Jamboree of local country and bluegrass musicians (check out the video on YouTube). I'm not even into bluegrass, but you can't deny the draw of a bunch of musicians on the street in front of an old country store.
And if the galleries and stores didn't have enough locally made art, there was this old tree stump in someone's yard that just was just screaming, "Take my picture!"

I'll definately be going back to Floyd.

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